Guatemala Dental Guide is the Official Dental Guide of Guatemala and the only guide created to help patients from the USA and Canada find high quality, affordable dental care in Guatemala.

Why should you trust your dental care to our Trained Patient Advocates?

OUR PATIENT ADVOCATES ARE ACTUAL DENTISTS: Our patient advocates are actual dentists and trained dental professionals.  While most dental clinics in Guatemala are trying to SELL you their dental services, our focus is to help you find the right clinic for you.

COMPETITIVE QUOTES: If you are searching for a dentist in Guatemala, you’ll need to contact several dentists to receive competitive quotes, and each quote may be different, forcing you to compare apples to oranges. At Guatemala Dental Guide, or patient advocates will provide you with competitive apples to apples quotes.  We’ll help you compare prices, determine the best value and schedule your appointments.

STERILIZATION & CLEANLINESS: We monitor our clinics sterilization and cleaning techniques and equipment to ensure compliance to our high standards. We only recommend and work with clinics that agree to our monitoring process and pass our rigorous standards for sterilization and OSHA standards for cleanliness.

ADA COMPLIANT PRODUCTS & MATERIALS: Clinics approved and recommended by Guatemala Dental Guide use ADA approved and compliant materials. We insist on the highest quality materials for our patients. We only recommend and work with clinics that agree to our materials monitoring and use the highest quality ADA approved materials.

LICENSED SPECIALISTS: Our specialists are verified and must maintain their education and continued education. We verify that our dentists have truly earned the titles they use. If you need a legitimate dental surgeon, dental implant specialist, prosthodontist, endodontist, or periodontist, you can trust our recommendations.

QUALIFIED DENTAL LABS: The dental labs associated with our approved and recommended clinics must use ADA approved materials. We monitor the use of materials closely to ensure compliance. Our approved clinics must work with master dental laboratory technicians and are not allowed to use apprentice or teaching labor.

Believe it or not, there are professional bloggers that work with dental clinics to post positive and/or negative blogs and comments on the internet. In fact, they stop by our main office all the time and offer to write good or bad posts on TripAdvisor, Dental Departures,, Topix and more. While some clinics only post legitimate reviews, most reviews are fake.  With Guatemala Dental Guide, all of our reviews come from actual patients.

Since 2013, Guatemala Dental Guide has been a name that patients trust. Our governing body has accepted and approved all clinics that we recommend to our patients.  We believe and stand behind their abilities, experience, talents and skill for exceptional, high quality results from honest, ethical and moral dentists in Guatemala.

That’s right…our services are 100% free for patients.  Just fill out the “Find a Dentist” form on this page, and one of our patient advocates will help you find the best dentist for your needs in Guatemala.  It’s doesn’t cost a penny for you to benefit from our verification and compliance protocols. Why take a chance with your dental care?  Our services ensure a safe and high quality dental experience.

How Does Guatemala Dental Guide Make Money?

We are often asked how our dental guide can offer free services to patients. We can’t.  We all have to eat…so we all have to make money someplace. The difference is that we don’t hide how we generate revenues.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We sell sponsorships on our site. We allow qualified dental clinics and dentists to purchase advertising space on our site.
  2. We earn money from commissions. We work with many of the leading dentists in Guatemala.  When we refer patients to these dentists, they pay us a commission.  They all pay the exact same commission, to eliminate any bias. We refer our patients based on our review of their treatment needs and the best possible dental clinic to care for this patient.  We receive a commission from the dental clinic for our work in development the treatment plan and coordinating the dental services with the patient.

We have helped thousands of patients find the right dentist in Guatemala.
We look forward to helping you too!