Dental Bridges

Missing teeth are not a problem, nor expensive, for patients who come to Guatemala for dental care. Not every patient needs or wants a dental implant to restore a missing tooth. Sometimes the best solution is a simple one. Dental bridges can be simple solutions in many cases.

Dental bridges are prosthetics that connect or “bridge” the two teeth on both sides of the space left by a missing tooth. This bridge serves as a base for a crown or some other tooth replacement, effectively filling the gap.

Bridges are fixed and do not need to be removed for cleaning, although good hygiene is recommended. Preparation may require reducing the height of the adjacent teeth in order to make space for the bridge and to make the bite even, so don’t worry if your dentist tells you that they need to lower your adjacent teeth.

In the past, bridges and replacement pieces used to be very obvious-looking and unappealing. Now, dental materials are more advanced and most bridges are natural looking so that only you will know that it is there.

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