Dental Crowns

Dental-Ceramic-CrownsIf you need or have had extensive work on a tooth, such as a root canal, you will need to have the visible part of the tooth restored. In many instances, dental crowns are the most effective restorations to restore a tooth after root canal therapy. They are also used for teeth that have been eroded or significantly damaged. For teeth with minimal loss, simpler and less expensive options are often recommended.

The technology and materials used in dental crowns have advanced greatly in recent years. Patients have a greater range of options available today. But even the simplest crowns are resistant and strong enough to last for many years, if not for life. Most crowns look, feel, and perform like natural teeth, allowing you to eat and speak normally. They also do not require any more care than your normal dental hygiene.

Your dentist will talk to you and explain to you the advantages of each option to make sure that you make an informed decision about the type of dental crown that’s appropriate for your needs, expectations, taste, and budget.

After many years of working with patients, we recommend that patients seek the highest quality crown materials available. With the savings you achieve from visiting Guatemala for dental care, you will be able to afford the best-quality crown. Time after time, past patients have advised us that they are so happy they chose the best quality materials. When you invest in the best, you will never want for better!

In Guatemala, dental clinics and dentists have made agreements with suppliers in order to provide their patients the same types of crowns that they’d find back home. You don’t have to worry about not finding the type of crown that you are looking for in Guatemala. Whether you need a crown for one tooth, or many, you will be pleased with the affordable crowns you get in Guatemala.

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