Dental Surgery

Professional Dentist Doing Teeth Checkup on Female PatientDental surgery (oral surgery) may sound scary and expensive, but you really don’t need to worry about the quality of care, nor the expense, in Guatemala.

Many complex procedures require some dental surgery. Fortunately, most dental surgery is not very intrusive and requires only local anesthesia. Dental surgery is typically performed in the dentist’s office while the patient reclines in the chair and lasts from thirty minutes to an hour.

The type and depth of the surgery will depend on the procedure and the specific condition of the patient being treated, but it’s generally very low risk. The dentists in this guide who perform dental surgery have been trained in the latest dental surgical techniques and are equipped with the most modern technology.

We can assure you that the quality of the care you will get is as good as you’d get at home. Nevertheless, patients who are too nervous can opt for sedation, which involves the use of medication aimed at relaxing you. Only in extreme cases, and for very invasive surgeries like mandibular osteotomy, is general anesthesia used.

Your dentist will talk to you and tell you how to prepare for the surgery. Preparation might include avoiding certain types of food, changing or stopping certain medications, or to stop smoking or drinking. You should feel free to ask all of the questions you have.

The length of recovery is typically very fast—a day or two at most—although for certain surgeries the patient might have to leave the stitches in place for a week or so. Recovery typically involves the use of painkillers and antibiotics for a few days, as well as some lifestyle changes, such as avoiding exercise or certain types of food.

Being informed about your surgery goes a long way to assure you that the discomfort and recovery time will be minimal and that you can enjoy the benefits of your procedure and your stay in Guatemala.

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