Dentures and Partials

Are you looking for a quick and affordable solution for missing teeth? Dentists in Guatemala offer a wide range of solutions including modestly priced dentures and partials.

While many patients who have lost a significant number of teeth can replace them through dental implants or All-on-4s, not all patients are candidates or want to go through the dental implant process. Due to their own needs or preferences, some patients are just as happy getting dentures or a partial denture to replace the teeth they lost.

The difference between these two prosthesis types is the number of teeth they are replacing. Dentures replace all or almost all of the teeth in a jaw whereas partial dentures replace only the teeth in one part of the jaw. They both typically consist of a pink base that hosts the replacement teeth and in the case of partials, some metal structure that holds the denture in place.

Both of these dental devices take a while to get used to. Patients will typically find them awkward at first, although they will eventually get used to them and forget about them. They require removal for regular cleaning. On the other hand, they are relatively cheap and are created without surgery unlike other dental solutions. So, these may be more appropriate for patients who are not candidates for surgery because of health issues or lifestyle choices such as smoking.

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