General Dentistry

Dental assistant dentist checkup woman patient at stomatology clinic, Dental Care in GuatemalaGeneral dentistry puts the emphasis on preventative dental care. The best dental procedure is the one that isn’t needed. Many dental procedures can be avoided by receiving regular dental care or treating small problems before they become big ones. But sadly, it is common to avoid visiting the dentist.

Many patients, when they detect a dental problem, leave it untreated because it doesn’t hurt them or because they can’t afford a visit to the dentist. Unfortunately, this will just cause the problem to get worse. At the same time, if left unattended, the solution will be more complex or invasive, and you end up paying more than what the original treatment would have cost.

That’s why prevention and the treatment of simple problems are important. General dentists, visited on a timely basis, can save patients a lot of money and pain. It is recommended that a person visit the dentist at least once per year for a check-up, although we recommend that our patients do it twice a year to really catch problems in time. It is easy to combine a trip to a general dentist for cleaning and an exam while vacationing in Guatemala.

Check ups typically involve the examination and cleaning of teeth. This type of cleaning involves the removal of hardened plaque caused by bacteria and the accumulation of food. General dentists also treat small cavities that don’t require anesthesia and where the teeth can be restored with a simple, inexpensive filling.

Every dentist in our guide is a general dentist, although some have gone into areas of specialization as well. However, for simple solutions, a general dentist who has spent years practicing basic procedures might be the best solution for you.

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