Genioplasty Chin Re-positioning Surgery

Genioplasty Chin Repositioning SurgeryHaving a problem with the position of your chin can be especially difficult if your insurance won’t cover a procedure to re-position it, or you don’t have insurance. For many, having affordable surgery in Guatemala is a real blessing.

Genioplasty chin re-positioning surgery, like its name implies, involves the surgical re-positioning of the chin in order to solve problems that have been caused by genetics or trauma. It is also used for aesthetic purposes in cases where the position of the chin causes the patient to feel uncomfortable about his or her appearance. The surgery involves the opening of the skin and the modifying and/or re-positioning of the jaw. Chin re-positioning surgery can indeed dramatically improve the appearance for those whose faces are distorted by chins that are too far forward or too little.

Typically the dental surgeon will order tests and ask the patient some questions to verify if he or she is a candidate for the procedure. Tests include x-rays or 3D imagery. They may also involve blood or other types of tests to detect if the patient has a condition that would increase risk during the surgery.

The surgery is an invasive one and it usually requires general anesthesia to prevent the patient from feeling pain. Like any surgery, the patient may have to prepare by changing medication or diet and making small adjustments to his or her lifestyle. Recovery involves one or two days with extremely limited movement and a soft or liquid diet. For at least a week or two the patient will not be able to engage in strenuous activity and will have to take antibiotics and painkillers.

If you have considered having chin surgery to correct a problem, you can send photos to a surgeon in Guatemala (he or she may want to see x-rays too) for an evaluation. Choosing a surgeon and making the decision to go ahead with a procedure is always an important process. It can also be a positive, life changing decision and we are happy to help.

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