Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry in GuatemalaWhole families can come to Guatemala for dental care. It is recommended that children see a specialist in pediatric dentistry.

Children are not little adults. They have specific physical and psychological needs (questions, fears, attention spans, etc.) that need to be addressed by a specialist in pediatric dentistry. You want to make certain that a child’s early visits to the dentist are a positive experience.

First of all, a child has deciduous teeth, commonly known as baby teeth or milk teeth. The health and monitoring of deciduous teeth is important, as they help the development of gums, muscle and other functions for the later, permanent teeth.

Secondly, underage people often need braces to correct misaligned teeth. While braces are a solution that can now be used with adults, it’s better to wear them when the patient is young, as the normal growth of teeth can be used to align them.

Children also need a specialist for the simple reason that they are not good at seeing the benefit they will get from a treatment. They may become more anxious than an adult and they might even refuse treatment. A pediatric dentist knows techniques to make children feel at ease and explain to them why they need the treatment in terms that they understand.

Even regular solutions have to be applied very differently for children. For example, the amount of anesthesia needed by a child is different from an adult, and a pediatric dentist knows the amount that a child needs depending on his or her stage of development.

Finally, certain genetic dental conditions are better treated at a young age, so that the quality of life of the patient will not suffer in the long run.

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