Same Day Dental Implants

Young Girl Having Dental Check Up - Full Mouth Restorations, Dental Implants in GuatemalaIf you are like many of the people who travel to Guatemala for dental care, not only is the cost a factor, so is time.

Same day dental implants offer several benefits for patients. They are strong, stable, and resistant. Moreover, they are natural looking and only the patient will know that the dental implant is there. Because of this, patients who had missing teeth and who were self-conscious about their image in public are now much freer to eat, laugh, and speak in public.

But for some patients dental implants have two disadvantages.

First of all, they are relatively expensive, especially in the USA. Many American dentists don’t even offer them as an option because they know the cost is prohibitive. However, international patients can obtain dental implants for a fraction of the price in Guatemala, giving many more people access to the benefits of implants.

Secondly, dental implants require osseointegration, a process that can take from 3 to 5 months. So, this normally requires two visits to the dentist. In the case of international patients, that means two trips to Guatemala. Even though patients still end up saving money despite the costs of two trips, sometimes getting time off work, etc., is an issue.

A possible solution to this problem is using same day dental implants. Same day dental implants are basically a prosthesis that works as a complete implant. Unlike  regular implants, the patient doesn’t have to come back after a few months to have the crown inserted since the prosthesis is complete.

Not all patients are suitable candidates for same day dental implants. It is important that the patient has good general health and that the jawbone has enough size and strength to sustain the prosthesis. A thorough check-up, including x-rays, will have to be conducted in order to evaluate a patient’s suitability.

Although it’s typically not necessary, it is recommended that a patient visit a dentist after a few months in order to make sure that the implant is working correctly.

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