Dental Implantologists

If you are missing teeth, you are probably aware that the best way to replace them is with dental implants. Lots of people would prefer them if they could afford them. But did you know that that dental implants are affordable in Guatemala?

Many visitors to Guatemala are seeking the services of a Dental Implantologist. Dental implantologists are dentists who specialize in restoring lost teeth with dental implants. The popularity and high demand for dental implants—as well as the happy results patients receive—has encouraged some dentists to dedicate themselves exclusively to this procedure.

Dental implants are popular because they restore the look, feel and strength of lost teeth. They not only look and perform like natural teeth, implants are extremely durable and most last a lifetime. Once an implant or implants are completed, they require little maintenance aside from your yearly visit to the dentist and your regular daily dental hygiene.

It is important to discuss any health issues you have with a dental implantologist before making your travel plans so that he or she knows about any condition that might affect the procedure or make the procedure inadvisable for you.

A dental implantologist is able to examine your jawbone to determine if there is adequate size and strength needed for a dental implant. He or she will also measure for the proper size and length of the dental implant, the angle at which it is to be inserted, etc. The dental implantologist can estimate the time it will take for the implant to fuse with the jawbone. Once ready, your dental implantologist will discuss the various options for crowns or bridges the will be attached to the dental implant(s).

In some cases, a dental implantologist will work with patients who have lost several teeth, perhaps even all their teeth and will require more than one implant. In such cases, two, four, or more dental implants will serve as a base for a bridge or complete dental arch that will support the replacement teeth.

Come to Guatemala to restore your missing teeth and you won’t have to settle for second best.

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