Oral Surgeons

When people come to Guatemala for dental care, it is often because they need a procedure requiring the services of a highly trained oral surgeon. Our guide includes a number of oral surgeons whose training and experience you can trust.

The term “Oral Surgeon” can refer to either a doctor or dentist who specializes in surgery of the mouth. Dental oral surgeons are dentists who have taken extra training to become experts in the many facets of oral surgery including such diverse areas as proper dosage of anesthesia, surgical tools, hemorrhage control, analysis of x-rays and other tests, surgery planning, artificial prostheses, etc.

Oral surgeons can also screen for non-dental medical conditions that might affect the surgery or prevent a patient from qualifying for a certain surgery. So, don’t be surprised if they ask questions about your medical history, the medications you take or your general health.

Oral surgery doesn’t necessarily mean that every procedure they perform is deeply invasive. It can be as simple as the extraction of a tooth that can’t be saved or the removal of the remains of a tooth that has been greatly damaged. Such cases can be treated using local anesthesia and performed in approximately 30 minutes while the patient is conscious during the procedure.

Oral surgeons also deal with dental implants and procedures based on them, such as All-on-4s and All-on-6s. They also can handle cases where trauma, disease, or genetics require more invasive and customized surgical operations.

If you have been referred to an oral surgeon but can’t afford one locally, you may be surprised at how we can help you in Guatemala find a great oral surgeon within your budget. We will be happy to provide you the information that will help you make a choice with confidence.

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