If either you or your child have crooked teeth and you’d love to have them straightened by an orthodontist, but the expense is holding you back, you are in luck! You can find trained and experienced orthodontists in Guatemala at prices so low that you no longer have to wait to have the smile you want.

Orthodontists are dentists who specialize in the treatment of teeth that have deviated from the normal tooth alignment due to genetics, disease, or trauma. By far, the most common dental problem that orthodontists deal with is teeth that are not straight or are “crooked.”

Recent years have seen great advancement in the field of orthodontics and many of the memories that people have of braces or orthodontists are simply not true anymore. Unlike the braces of decades ago, which were shiny, metallic, and highly visible, today’s braces are more discreet and allow patients to eat almost all types of foods.

Another myth about braces is that they can only be used while the patient is a teenager. It is true that many patients who obtain braces are teenagers. However, new techniques allow adults to use braces, too.

Braces worn by adults are often chosen to match the color of the teeth, or where the attachments and wires are behind the teeth, or where invisible aligners are used. Younger patients can have those options or they can select braces and rubber bands that are colorful and make a personal fashion statement.

Lastly, orthodontists today work with techniques that allow patients to straighten their teeth in a shorter amount of time than they used to in the past.

Now there are no excuses. You can have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted at any age.

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