Pediatric Dentists

It is common these days for the whole family to visit the dentist together in Guatemala. If you have children, it is easy to have them see a pediatric dentist here.

Pediatric dentists are dentists who specialize in the dental care of children and young adults. Most parents realize that they are responsible for their child’s dental care and a pediatric dentist is a good partner to make sure your child gets off to a good start.

Guatemala is also a good place to bring a child dealing with serious dental issues since skilled pediatric dentists able to do critically important procedures are affordable here.

Pediatric dentists understand the specific dental care needs of a child as he or she grows. Children and teenagers are not small adults and regular treatments and dosages might be harmful for them. In addition, they sometimes need treatments that are unique to children.

Even a baby can benefit from the supervision of a pediatric dentist. Pain in the area where teeth will start growing might indicate a problem with milk teeth (baby teeth) that should be corrected. A pediatric dentist can also monitor that the milk teeth grow in and fall out in an appropriate manner. Later on, he or she can monitor the growth of permanent teeth.

When a patient becomes a teenager, a pediatric dentist will evaluate the alignment of the permanent teeth. If the teeth are misaligned, a pediatric dentist can suggest ways to align them properly since this is the best age to do so. This is typically done with braces that come in a wide variety of looks these days. The dentist can help find braces that are pleasing to a child or teen.

When a child needs a dental care procedure performed, such as treating a cavity, the pediatric dentist knows how to adjust the procedure to suit the health needs and the tolerance or resistance of the patient. For example, he or she might reduce the dosage of anesthetics or perform a procedure in two short sessions rather than a single long one in order to accommodate a child’s naturally shorter attention span.

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