Restorative Dentists

You deserve to have a beautiful, confident smile. However, if you currently have damaged or missing teeth, you may be reluctant to smile or even speak. Here in Guatemala, we can help you regain your confidence by helping you restore the full function and appearance of your teeth. We can help you find a restorative dentist who will help you at prices that are affordable.

Restorative dentists are dentists who specialize in restoring damaged teeth to their natural form and function through the use of bio-compatible materials or artificial teeth. They typically work also on restoring the looks and strength of the teeth so you can smile with confidence and eat anything.

Each patient is unique and the problems they have with their teeth vary widely. The type of restoration and the material used to make a restoration will depend on the amount of the damage, the expected result, the location of the restoration, and your specific needs.

The most common materials and pieces that restorative dentists use are the following:

Dental Cement and Resin Fillings

These are used when the damage to the tooth has been minimal and requires only a minor fix to restore a tooth’s form.


Crowns are strong, tooth-like covers that can be permanently affixed to the top of a tooth when a single tooth is being restored. They are used when the damage to the tooth has been significant and the structure of the remaining tooth material is insufficient to hold a filling. Although crowns are commonly used for single-tooth restorations, types of crowns can be used with dental bridges and implants as well.


Bridges are dental devices that hold a crown or crowns that replace missing teeth. Bridges are attached to the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth or teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are pieces that are inserted in the jawbone and then get a crown installed on top of them. They are used to replace missing teeth and give the crown the stability and strength of the jawbone. Unlike other types of restorations, those based on dental implants become integrated with the jaw bone adding strength and longevity. Many dental implants last a lifetime.

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