Guatemala is considered one of the most exotic, lush cultural tourist destinations on Earth. Just south of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, it is known as the heart of the Mayan world.  Guatemala is a treasure trove of history and architecture with Mayan and colonial roots.

As the plane flies, Guatemala City is only two hours from Miami or Mexico City and the climate is ideal year around. Its charming, picturesque streets and cultural diversity make it a favorite city to explore and the inhabitants are friendly and colorful.

Dental tourism is a popular trend especially with “millennials” who seem to be born with a passport in hand. But anyone who appreciates getting a superior value for one’s money can understand that traveling to Guatemala has financial benefits for those seeking dental care and a wonderful vacation.

One of the leading clinics for dental tourism is Goodness Dental. This clinic specializes in dental care for international patients and offers superior dental care at savings of 50% to 80% when compared to the cost for the same procedures in the USA or Canada. Most patients save so much money that they can afford to bring their entire family to enjoy an incredible vacation in Guatemala too.

So, whether you love high-end dining, taking in museums, strolling cobblestone streets, being pampered in spas, visiting historic Mayan ruins or indulging your spirit for adventure, Guatemala may be the place for you.  If you need dental care…it just makes sense to combine your trip to Guatemala with dental care. Clinics like Goodness Dental are well-prepared to help American and Canadian patients get the best value for their money.

There are luxury hotels and shopping malls to satisfy the guest seeking amenities and relaxation. But if you’d like to combine your trip to the dentist for an improved smile with a new set of veneers and some golfing, fishing or hiking around an ancient Mayan architectural site, that can certainly be arranged.

No matter what your dental needs—be it implants, root canals, crowns, bridges or perhaps some cosmetic improvements—Guatemala offers a wide variety of dental specialists that will take good care of you and your smile. And all the money you’ll save on dental care in Guatemala will go a long way toward making your dream vacation possible.

If you’d like to learn more about dental care in Guatemala, please fill out the “Find a Dentist” form on this page.  A qualified dental specialist will contact you to discuss your case.

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