Are you thinking about traveling to Guatemala for dental care? It is recommended that patients have a good general state of health before getting any major dental work.

From time to time, patients travel to Guatemala for dental care and are unaware that they are ill. Most cases deal with minor issues and they are solved with a few extra precautions, medications, or waiting a few extra days for the illness to subside.

However, sometimes patients who experience mild discomfort, such as an infected throat are actually displaying early symptoms of a much more severe illness: oral cancer.

Oral cancer is not as well known as other types of cancer and it can easily be overlooked because its symptoms are often misinterpreted as symptoms of a much less dangerous illness.

While patients with oral cancer are extremely rare, we pay attention to patients at high risk in order to screen them and detect signs of oral cancer to help prevent further harm. We also encourage patients to be aware of the early signs of oral cancer, because if detected early, oral cancer can often be reversed.

Dr. Claudia Bruns of Goodness Dental advises that patients should check with their doctor at home if they show some of these symptoms:

  • Sores that persist and do not heal.
  • Unexplained bleeding in the mouth.
  • Swelling, lumps, or bumps inside the mouth.
  • White or red patches in the mouth that weren’t there before.
  • Unexplained numbness or loss of feeling in the mouth, neck, or face.
  • A feeling that something is caught in the back of the mouth.
  • Changes in voice and hoarseness that persist.
  • Ear pain.
  • Gradual misalignment of teeth that cause problems with biting functions.

If your doctor considers that you are at risk of oral cancer, we strongly suggest that you postpone your visit to us until your doctor approves it. Certain dental procedures might not be compatible with the tests or treatment that your doctor prescribes.

Once the cancer has been eliminated or your doctor approves a dental visit, you can plan your dental travel to Guatemala to receive the dental care you deserve.

“In rare cases, we receive patients who have undergone surgery in order to remove tumors and who present a severe loss of bone or tissue in the mouth, neck, or face,” says Dr. Bruns.

“Our dental specialists will work in those cases to make sure that the dental procedures suggested take into account other head functions, such as breathing and swallowing.”

Remember that catching a serious problem while it is still early can save money, grief and lives. So if you have anything suspicious, please have it checked out immediately.

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