Dental health is often overlooked when determining a person’s quality of life. Imagine not being able to eat the foods you want because you can’t bite or chew properly. If you suffer from poor teeth and problems biting, chewing and eating healthy foods, Guatemala has the solution for you.

If you’ve been shopping for dental care in the USA, it’s no surprise to learn that dental care prices are sky high.  It’s hard for the average person to afford even routine procedures, like root canals for example. In some cases, advanced dental solutions, such as implants, are simply not offered to patients by their dentists because they are aware that the price tag is just not within reach.

For many uninsured or under-insured people suffering from dental problems, good dental care is simply out of reach.  Most employers no longer offer dental insurance, and if they do, the policy is more of a discount plan than an actual dental insurance plan.  Dental care has also increased in price and comes with co-pays and other non-covered costs.  In other words…even if you have dental insurance, you’ll still have to pay quite a bit.

Because of this, many people let minor dental problems go untreated. However, this only causes those minor dental problems to continue to develop until they become more serious. Eventually, the patient starts to have a toothache, at which point, the solution will require a more advanced treatment and will cost even more.

Dental care is not a luxury. It’s a necessity, for both children and for adults. People need to have teeth that will allow them to eat, chew, and speak in public. This is why more and more Americans are coming to Guatemala for dental care. They know they can get the dental care they need at affordable prices. Even the most expensive of procedures are typically within reach of the average patient, allowing them to ease their pain, restore missing teeth, and recover their chewing and speaking functions fully.

A leading provider in Guatemala is Goodness Dental. With a focus on affordable prices, even when you take into account the plane ticket and the lodging for you and even one other person, you’ll save between 50% and 80% by visiting the Goodness Dental.  In fact, patients seeking dental care in Costa Rica and even Mexico have chosen instead to come to Guatemala for their care.  Dr. Claudia Bruns at Goodness Dental has noted a dramatic increase in the number of Americans visiting the clinic from the USA.

“Today, we receive several American patients every month.  They seem to be telling their friends…and returning with friends and family to take advantage of the cost savings.”

“We are always investing in equipment, training, and materials so that the dental solutions you get with us are the same or better than the ones you’d get back home. And of course, all of our dental specialists are 100% fluent in English, so there is no room for confusion or misinterpretation,” says Dr. Bruns.

This quality of care offered by many leading dental clinics in Guatemala is equal or better than the dental care offered in the USA and Canada, and at savings of 50% to 80% when compared to USA rates.

If you are seeking affordable dental care in Guatemala, fill out the “Find a Dentist” form on this page and a qualified dental specialist will reply to help you find the best possible dental care in Guatemala.

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